Meeting about Growing Number of Attacks on Tbilisi Pride Office


A Series Of Attacks On Tbilisi Pride Office

For the past few months, the Tbilisi Pride office has been the target of intense attacks by religious and far-right groups. The attacks started following May 17, after we held an online demonstration, and, like 100 other citizens of Georgia, symbolically hung a rainbow flag from our office balcony.


Tbilisi Pride joins Global Pride 2020

Global Pride, the 24-hour virtual Pride taking place this weekend, will shine a light on LGBTQIA+ people from every continent. Organisers say it has the potential to be the largest LGBTQIA+ event ever.


"March For Dignity" - Film

Documentary March for Dignity follows a small group of LGBTI+ activists in Tbilisi, Georgia as they attempt to conduct the first Pride march in the country.


PHR has won a lawsuit in favour of Tbilisi Pride.

The Tbilisi City Court has acknowledged discriminatory treatment of the organization "Tbilisi Pride" by Promoter LLC. In June 2019, during the organization of the Pride March, Tbilisi Pride and its activists contacted Promoter LLC to print the materials necessary for this event.


Donate to Tbilisi Pride

Tbilisi Pride needs to get through December & January before our funding gets secured for the coming year. Also, we would like to produce a promotional video for the Tbilisi Pride 2020 and we are raising 5000 EUR for that cause.


New Board of Tbilisi Pride

Tbilisi Pride has completed the process of selecting the new board members. The goal of the organization was to have a diverse and well represented board, bringing voices of different subgroups of queer community and allies.


American-Georgian lawyer seeks prosecution of anti-gay hate leader

Ted Jonas, a Georgian citizen of US descent who has been working in the country for 20-odd years now, practicing law, has filed a complaint to the Prosecutor General’s office, saying Georgia has “unjustifiably failed, or refused, to prosecute Georgian citizen Levan Vasadze for serious criminal acts” by violently encroaching on Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of opinion and expression of opinion, the right to freedom of peaceful assembly without prior permission, and equal protection in case of “Tbilisi Pride”.


The March of Dignity has been postponed!

Due to the ongoing unexpected developments in front of the parliament building and the consequent tense political environment, Tbilisi Pride team has decided to postpone the March of Dignity planned within the Pride Week by number of days.