The March of Dignity has been postponed!


Due to the ongoing unexpected developments in front of the parliament building and the consequent tense political environment, Tbilisi Pride team has decided to postpone the March of Dignity planned within the Pride Week by a number of days. The participants’ registration shall go on and we will inform registered participants of the new date of the event once the currently charged political environment is alleviated.

For the past eight months, Tbilisi Pride team has taken every step to ensure safe and professional execution of the activities planned within Tbilisi Pride. The Pride Week was launched successfully and every one of its events that had been planned to take place until now has concluded without any incidents.

However, under the highly strained current political environment, we cannot permit ourselves to contribute to further escalation of tensions in the country. We will not provide an opportunity to the pro-Russian, neo-fascist groups to weaken Georgia’s statehood. We are showing civic responsibility and are acting only in the interests of our country.

Lately, we have been holding consultations with the authorities on a number of policy issues. These consultations shall continue so as to ensure that the challenges facing the LGBTIQ community in Georgia are discussed in an inter-agency format and with a view to improving the legal conditions of our community in the immediate future. Specifically, in the following directions:

  1. The Legal Gender Recognition procedures must be simplified, thereby improving the situation of the most vulnerable group in Georgia – transgender persons;

  2. A state shelter must be established for LGBTIQ persons;

  3. A new post must be established at the prime minister’s office, with a view to facilitating intersectional work on equality of LGBTIQ persons with different institutions;

  4. The objectives and goals relating to LGBTIQ persons’ rights protection must be added to relevant governmental action plans and strategies.

Our team persevered in the face of numerous obstacles during the past months: we were being intimidated, our private spaces were intruded, we were physically kept in siege, and we received countless death threats. Even those LGBTIQ persons who had no link with Tbilisi Pride were jeopardised. Throughout this process, the Georgian authorities showed a lack of political will and effectiveness, leading to the escalation of the situation in the last few days.

It is unfortunate to grasp that the authorities seem ready to ruthlessly disperse protesters justly demonstrating against Russian occupation, but are unwilling to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and our allies from the radicals groups financed with Russian money.

Let us thank those up to a thousand of you who have already registered to take part in the March of Dignity! We express thanks to the members of our community and our allies for having stood beside us during these difficult days! Finally, we would like to show our particularly deep gratitude to the international supporters and activists from all around the world! Thank you for solidarity!

We shall achieve changes together! ✊