17 May – Political Agreement on LGBTQI Rights


For the 2020 parliamentary elections, Tbilisi Pride, with the support of the NDI, began working with political parties to reach a general agreement on LGBTQ rights. Considering the homophobic and transphobic attitudes in Georgia, we deem it important that political parties have a common position regarding the fundamental rights of queer people. To this end, Tbilisi Pride reached out to all major pro-Western political parties in Georgia.

Consequently, fifteen political unions agreed that each of them, utilizing all means at their disposal, will fight to eliminate discrimination and violence against queer people, protect the right to peaceful assembly and the freedom of expression of all human beings, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and not allow the use of hate speech and incitement of social strife in the political process on the basis of homophobia.

The inter-party agreement on LGBT rights is a symbolic expression of putting the needs of queer people on the political agenda and a precondition for implementing specific, comprehensive work for the realization of their rights.  Signatory political parties: 1. United National Movement 2. Girchi 3. European Georgia 4. Girchi - More Freedom 5. Republican Party 6. Justice and Law 7. Strategy Aghmashenebeli 8. Lelo 9. Reformer 10. Movement "Droa" 11. For Justice 12. United Georgia 13. Free Democrats 14. Progress and Freedom 15. Victorious Georgia