Statement on the Registration of "Alt-info" as a Political Party


As reported, the National Agency of Public Registry of Ministry of Justice of Georgia has registered a far right and violent group “Alt Info” as a political party. To remind you, “Alt Info” is one of the primary organizers of the homophobic violence that took place on July 5, 2021. As a result of the organized violence, the freedom of peaceful assembly and the freedom of expression of LGBTQ people were once again violated, Tbilisi Pride leaders and offices were attacked, dozens of journalists were physically abused, and most importantly, the violence resulted in the tragic death of Lekso Lashkarava.

Besides, “Alt Info” is open about its pro-Russian orientation. As per the leaders of “Alt Info” - “Georgia does nothave any European future” and it is not worth demonizing the occupation.” They perceive dialogue with Russia as a precondition to restore the territorial integrity of Georgia and welcome Russian military basis in the country. In addition to that, “Alt Info” is openly supported by Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian ultranationalist figure closely linked to Kremlin. We can say that “Alt Info” is one of the proponents for Russian imperial interests in Georgia.

“Alt Info” states that their goal is to protect national security, however they are the ones who pose a threat to Georgia by carrying out anti-democratic and violent activities and pursuing the Kremlin interests in Georgia. The absence of national policies to prevent extreme right-wing radicalization and violent extremism, impunity for their crimes, indirect encouragement of violence by the government officials, and last but not the least – registration of “Alt Info” as a political party – is a major drawback with regards to human rights and security. 

The founders and leaders of “Alt Info” have committed a number of crimes, however the government does not press charges as the authorities are the ones who coordinated the violence that took place on July 5. Therefore, we call on the members of Parliament of Georgia to form a temporary investigative committee to investigate the events of July 5 and at the same time, utilize every single parliamentary mechanism to prevent the reinforcement of openly violent and anti-state forces in Georgia.

We will not tolerate injustice and will use all local as well as international mechanisms to fight for the restoration of justice.