We call upon the Georgian National Communications Commission and Parliament of Georgia to

- Terminate Alt-Info’s broadcasting authorization!

- Prohibit the political party founded by Alt-Info!


For past few days, in the face of the ongoing war in Ukraine, we have witnessed how Alt-Info has been openly broadcasting pro-Russian and propagandistic messages, placing a blame on Ukraine for waging the war. We also remember other anti-State pronouncements made by Alt-Info, such as “the occupation is not worth demonizing” and “Russian military bases should be established in the country.” We strongly believe that airing Alt-Info on all major telecommunication providers throughout the entire country undermines independence of the State as well as its European future.


Alt-Info transmitted how the leaders of the political party were publicly planning brutal attacks against LGBT activists, their supporters and media representatives that eventually took place on July 5. The leaders of Alt-Info were the ones who guided large-scale and organized violence and committed crimes, however, instead of holding them criminally accountable for their crimes, Alt-Info obtained authorization to begin broadcasting on national TV and was registered as a political party.


“Conservative Movement” – a political party founded by Alt-Info – must be declared unconstitutional as it propagates violence, incites social strife, aims to overthrow the constitutional order of country, and poses a threat to human rights, democracy and sovereignty. We call upon the members of parliament to file a request to the Constitutional Court of Georgia, demanding prohibition of the aforementioned political party.

Alt-Info is a Russian weapon pointed against our country. Termination of its broadcasting authorization and prohibition of respective political party are of utmost importance to fight against Russian policies – the policies that equal to authoritarianism, violence, homophobia, corruption, and human rights violations - especially for our region at this very critical moment.