Tbilisi Pride Week is back!


Pride Week 2022 will bring together even more LGBTQ people and supporters.

The fight continues.

The fight continues for freedom, equality, love, visibility, dignity, and the return of seized voices. This is the fight against homophobia, hatred, Russian propaganda, holders of immeasurable power, oppression, discrimination and persecution. 

This is our fight and we are not going to step back. This is our country and we do not want to be forced to run away.

The tragic experience we encountered on July 5, 2021, uncovered a stagnant, violent and uncompassionate system which refuses to protect the rights of its citizens and excludes LGBTQ people from public space and public life. Lekso Lashkarava's life was taken as a result of an unprecedented attack on media on the basis of homophobia. We are still facing a government which encourages violent groups chasing people in the streets, does not punish those responsible for organizing violence, and does not acknowledge the equality of all citizens.  

This year, there is no space for us to hold March for Dignity. We are still the only group that is denied the freedom of assemblies and demonstrations. At the same time, we are dealing with severe problems, such as lack of access to education, employment, healthcare, and housing; non-existent legal recognition of gender, domestic violence, and discrimination on a daily basis. However, we believe that we will change this reality with our vigorous fight and unconditional solidarity toward each other. 

They try to convince us that the vast majority of the Georgian population is against us, albeit facts reveal that acceptance of LGBTQ people is significantly increasing. This is what gives us hope that the fight has the point. 

2022 will be the year of healing, recovery, solidarity, unity, support, acknowledgement of results achieved, and diversification and expansion of our strategies. At the same time, Pride Week will be loud, political, emotional, colourful and will bring together everyone who believes in equality!

Join us from June 28 to July 2 and become a part of Tbilisi Pride Week!

Pride Week will consist of three primary events: 

  • Screening of a new Georgian queer movie. A story about homophobia, fight, and survival. 
  • Regional Conference which will bring together LGBTQ activists, from Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Belarus to discuss mutual geopolitical battles. 
  • A grand Pride Festival drawing together local and international artists.