Tbilisi Pride, ECOM and Equality Movement submitted an alternative report to the UN HRCtee


"Tbilisi Pride", "Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity" and "Equality Movement" submitted a joint alternative report to the UN Human Rights Committee as a commentary on the Fifth Periodic Report by Georgia. 

The alternative report assesses the fulfilment of recommendations issued by the Committee within the framework of the fourth monitoring cycle, as well as the performance of Georgian government in relation to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. 

The report touches upon the following issues related to the rights of LGBTI+ community in Georgia:

  • Freedom of expression and peaceful assembly;
  • Discrimination;
  • Violence;
  • Hate speech;
  • Hate crimes;
  • Legal recognition of gender;
  • Asylum and non-refoulement; 
  • Education;
  • Healthcare;
  • Civil partnership;

At the end of the report, aforesaid civil society organizations suggested key recommendations that aim to improve the protection of the rights of LGBTI+ community in Georgia.