New Board of Tbilisi Pride


Tbilisi Pride has completed the process of selecting the new board members. The goal of the organization was to have a diverse and well represented board, bringing voices of different subgroups of queer community and allies. The board has been appointed for one year term and comprises of the following individuals. 1. Ana Abashidze (She/Her) - Civic activist, Director of the organisation "Partnership for Human Rights" 2. Maria Kasenko (They/Them) - Transgender activist 3. Rusudan Gotsiridze (She/Her) - Bishop of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia, gender equality expert/trainer/advocate 4. Ida Bakhturidze (She/Her) - Women's Rights Activist, WECF International 5. Atina Bregvadze (She/her) - Queer-feminist green activist 6. Lado Mkheidze (He/Him) - LGBTQ activist, Artist; We wish the newly appointed board a successful year ahead and a fruitful cooperation!