How To Deal With Far-right Movements


In the last few years far-right groups have become more visible and organized in Georgia. The far-right movement is united around values such as misogyny, racism, homophobia and anti-migrant attitudes. The LGBT community and movement are one of their main targets but at the same time, other human rights activists and movements are also threatened and endangered. To respond to this challenge, the research aims to develop a local/regional queer feminist approach against the far-right movement. The study contains the review of the main theoretical approaches and studies done on far-right movements, as well as analysis of the interviews conducted with experts from different fields (e.g. gender researchers, peace and conflict researchers, experts in violent extremism, etc.). The last part of the document presents research findings and recommendations for civil society and the state institutions.

Far-right radicalism.pdf by Tbilisi Pride on Scribd